Bridgewater Tinware - Polka Dot

Tinware manufactured for the British pottery firm, Emma Bridgewater

Biscuit Tin Biscuit Tin
D:170mm x H:173mm
Caddy Round Caddy
D:106mm x H:145mm
Plate Plate
Round Cake Tins Rnd Cake Tins - Set of 3
D:200mm x H:90mm, D:218mm x H:120mm & D:253mm x H:143mm
Square Cake Tins Sq Cake Tins - Set of 3
200 x 200 x 100mm
225 x 225 x 109mm &
270 x 270 x 130mm
Tray Tray
Pencil Tin Pencil Tin
200 x 110 x 32mm
Tall caddy Tall Caddy
D:95mm x H:320mm
Melamine Tea Set Melamine Tea Set
Set for 4
Rectangular Tin Rectangular Tin
185 x 154 x 75mm